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An anonymous donor has funded the purchase of a Reverse Emergency Notification System for Grant County. Register your phones, cell phones and email addresses to receive alerts of evacuations, emergency events, road closures and other significant events. The link below will take you to Grant County's Reverse Emergency Notification System for the County. Learn more!

Silver City has updated its annual Parks and Activity Directory, a booklet with information for all ages about all kinds of activity opportunities available in Silver City. Learn more!

Learn more about wildfire dangers and how to create defensible spaces around your home, business and property. Learn more!

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Schedules for the Town of Silver City recycling and refuse pick-up vary on some national holidays. See if your pick-up is effected!

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Accounts Payable

To ensure to vendors and employees that invoices and travel reimbursements due are processed and paid in an efficient and timely manner while following the Town/s Procurement Code.


Invoices must be signed off and approved for payment by the Supervisor or Department Head of the department they were generated in.  To accelerate your payment, invoices should reference  purchase orders numbers wherever possible.  Unless the vendor has other specified terms in their contract, all invoices are considered to be NET30, and only those invoices received by noon on Tuesdays that require no further authorization or corrections and that are due for payment, will be processed by Accounts Payable.  Checks are usually available by 1 pm on Friday, unless there is change in the check run date due to a Holiday or problems are encountered with the accounting system.  Checks are mailed unless specific instructions have been received by Accounts Payable that the check will be picked up.  If checks are not picked up by the end of day on Friday, they will be mailed.

A W-9 form and a Vendor Information form are required for each vendor before payment of any invoice is made.  If you are a new vendor, or an existing vendor  with a change needing to be done,  please submit a W-9 and Vendor Information form to Accounts Payable as soon as possible.  Any updated W-9s need to be received no later than December 15th in order to prepare for end-of-year 1099s.
We are now currently using the New Mexico Non-Taxable Transaction Certificate NET website to issue out NTTC certificates.  Download a form here

If you had one of our old certificates, it will now be VOID and a new one will need to be issued through the website.  Whether you need to apply for an NTTC for the first time, or need to update the old certificate, please fill out our informational form and submit to our office by mail or fax.  If the information matches the website, we will either mail or fax you the new NTTC form, so please provide the method in which you would like to receive the new NTTC form.   


Any travel being planned needs a Travel Request Form to be filled out and all required signatures need to be obtained before the trip is taken.  Approved travel that requires any type of advance will be forwarded to Accounts Payable for processing.  Please make sure to turn in travel at least 5 business days prior to the trip being planned.   If it is a last minute travel, it will be the employee's responsibility to walk the travel through to obtain all required signatures and then turn in directly to Accounts Payable making them aware that it was a late travel.  You are always welcome to call Accounts Payable to make sure your travel has been received and a travel check is ready for you.  Also, make sure you separate any fee checks required from the travel since that will require a separate check.

Travel Returns & Requests Under $50 Limit
All travel reimbursements that fall under $50 will be paid through Petty Cash (you will need to see Steven Lopez-Payroll Division) and the employee requesting the reimbursement must come in and sign for the cash in person.  All other travels will be paid through accounts payable and can be picked up one business day prior to the date of the travel.  If you are receiving $50 or more due to a Travel Return, regular checks are available on Fridays usually by 1 PM, pending your reimbursement was received by Accounts Payable in time to process.   

Call one of the following three Accounting Technicians in Accounts Payable for assistance:

Amanda Teran

Shay Stark-Lane


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