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Opt in to the County's Reverse Emergency Notification System!
An anonymous donor has funded the purchase of a Reverse Emergency Notification System for Grant County. Register your phones, cell phones and email addresses to receive alerts of evacuations, emergency events, road closures and other significant events. The link below will take you to Grant County's Reverse Emergency Notification System for the County. Learn more!

Silver City has updated its annual Parks and Activity Directory, a booklet with information for all ages about all kinds of activity opportunities available in Silver City. Learn more!

Learn more about wildfire dangers and how to create defensible spaces around your home, business and property. Learn more!

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Schedules for the Town of Silver City recycling and refuse pick-up vary on some national holidays. See if your pick-up is effected!

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About Mosquito Dunks
No More Mosquitoes!
Bacillus thuringiensis israeliensis... aka Mosquito Dunks... are here.

What is Bacillus thuringienses?
Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is a naturally occurring, soil borne organism that has gained recent popularity for its ability to control certain insect pests in a natural, environmentally friendly manner.

Bt israeliensis is highly effective against mosquito larvae and black fly larvae. Bti comes in two forms: granular and solid dunks. Both can be used wherever mosquitoes breed: the periphery of ponds, lakes, flooded orchards, ditches, pastures, sewage or animal waste lagoons, roof gutters, run-off areas, animal stock tanks, umbrella bases, any area around your home or stable where water stands. .

The Town of Silver City is using Bt in local storm drains, water collection basins, natural water drainage such as the San Vicente, Big Ditch, PA drainages and the Golf Course. Residents can purchase Dunks at our local nurseries and feed stores. Dunks also can be used as a preflood treatment in areas expected to become breeding sources.

Not Harmful to People or Pets.
Bti does not harm people, pets, birds, fish, or plants. However, caution should be used to prevent eye contact and avoid open wounds when applying Dunks. See instructions on package for more information.

How to Use It.
The dunks kill mosquitoes for 30 days or longer when placed in standing water outdoors. As the dunks dissolve, the Bti settles in the water where it is eaten by mosquito larvae. Dunks can be anchored with string to prevent them from being washed away. Alternate drying and wetting does not reduce their effectiveness. Use 1 dunk/100 sq. ft. of infested water.

How it Works.
Bacterial agents, like Bt, are effective in controlling insects in the larva stage only. The larva stage in an insects's life cycle is the stage during which most of the feeding occurs. Since, Bt must be ingested to work, the insect must be controlled during the larval stage. The larval stage is the stage in which the insect appears worm or caterpillar-like.

After Bt spores are ingested by larvae, they grow and reproduce, meanwhile producing crystalline toxins. The crystalline toxins paralyze the digestive tract of the larvae causing it to cease eating. Death will follow, but time of death can range anywhere from 12 hours to 5 days after ingestion This depends on the amount of Bt ingested, the size and variety of the larvae and variety of Bt used for control.

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