CDL Drivers Needed!

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       Dec. 14, 2018                 
CDL Drivers Needed!!

The Town of Silver City's Public Works and Utilities departments are struggling to find enough qualified CDL-certified drivers for garbage and recycling pick-up, as well as for operating certain air-brake vehicles used in managing town utility services. Learn more!

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Opt in to the County's Reverse Emergency Notification System!
An anonymous donor has funded the purchase of a Reverse Emergency Notification System for Grant County. Register your phones, cell phones and email addresses to receive alerts of evacuations, emergency events, road closures and other significant events. The link below will take you to Grant County's Reverse Emergency Notification System for the County. Learn more!

Silver City has updated its annual Parks and Activity Directory, a booklet with information for all ages about all kinds of activity opportunities available in Silver City. Learn more!

Learn more about wildfire dangers and how to create defensible spaces around your home, business and property. Learn more!

Sanitation Schedule
Schedules for the Town of Silver City recycling and refuse pick-up vary on some national holidays. See if your pick-up is effected!

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Town of Silver City
Box 1188
Silver City, NM 88062

Town Resolutions: 2012
  • Resolution 2012-30
    Authorizing the execution and delivery of a Colonias Infrastructure Project Fund Grant Agreement.

  • Resolution 2012-29
    Town manager contract and compensation.

  • Resolution 2012-28
    Para la elección municipal regular que se llevará a cabo el diá 5 de Marzo del 2013.

  • Resolution 2012-28
    For the regular municipal election to be held March 5, 2013.

  • Resolution 2012-27 with Exhibit Attachments
    Metropolitan Redevelopment Area designation, with exhibits A and B.

  • Resolution 2012-26
    Supporting an EPA Brownfields Cleanup Grant for Waterworks Bldg.

  • Resolution 2012-25
    Supporting the funding of a feasibility study for the establishment of a Vocational Career Center and School.

  • Resolution 2012-24
    Supporting an application by Grant County to the New Mexico Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee for a grant to provide services to children, youth and families.

  • Resolution 2012-23
    4th quarter DFA financial report.

  • Resolution 2012-22
    Adopting the 2014-2018 Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan.

  • Resolution 2012-21
    Adopting the goal of reaching a 33% recycling rate and taking such steps as are necessary to reach this goal.

  • Resolution 2012-20
    Resolution approving the Southwest New Mexico Council of Governments to apply for the Certified Communities Initiative Program for the Town of Silver City.

  • Resolution 2012-19
    Resolution of the Town of Silver City ratifying a certain agreement between the Town of Silver City and the Southwest New Mexico Council of Governments, dated July 24, 2012, and authorizing the execution of same by the proper official of the Town Of Silver City.

  • Resolution 2012-18
    Final budget approval for fiscal year 2012-2013.

  • Resolution 2012-17
    A resolution amending the approved and adopted budget for the fiscal year commencing July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012 and for municipal purpose in the Town of Silver City, New Mexico, transferring and appropriating funds thereof.

  • Resolution 2012-16
    Participating in Local Government Road Fund Program administered by New Mexico Department of Transportation.

  • Resolution 2012-15
    Approving an application to New Mexico Finance Authority under the Colonias Infrastructure Fund Program.

  • Resolution 2012-14
    Authorizing the submission of a Colonias Infrastructure Fund Application to the New Mexico Finance Authority.

  • Resolution 2012-13
    Supporting an application for New Mexico Department of Transportation Municipal Arterial Program (MAP) Funding

  • Resolution 2012-12
    Town of Silver City CDBG Procurement Policy

  • Resolution 2012-11
    Section 3 Plan

  • Resolution 2012-10
    Residential Anti-Displacement and Relocation Plan and Certification

  • Resolution 2012-09
    Town of Silver City Citizen Participation Plan Community Development Block Grant Program

  • Resolution 2012-08
    Adopting a Fair Housing Policy

  • Resolution 2012-07
    Supporting an application for New Mexico MainStreet Capital Outlay Fund Grant Award

  • Resolution 2012-06
    Relating to the Town of Silver City, New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax Improvement Revenue Bonds

  • Resolution 2012-05
    Authorizing the submission of a Watersmart Water and Energy Efficiency Grant Program Application to replace water meters

  • Resolution 2012-04
    Authorizing the submission of a Watersmart Water and Energy Efficiency Grant Program Application to replace pump motors

  • Resolution 2012-03
    Authorizing the submission of a New Mexico 2009-2010 Surplus Colonias Initiave Fund Application

  • Resolution 2012-02
    Authorizing the submission of a Watersmart Water and Energy Efficiency Grant Program Application to install a smart irrigation system

  • Resolution 2012-01
    Open Meetings

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