Improved Energy Efficiency for Town Facilities

A Brighter Future for City Buildings & the Town’s Balance Sheets

In December of 2011, the Office of Sustainability finished lighting upgrades for four Town buildings which had the highest lighting loads (the Public Safety Building, City Annex, City Hall, and the Museum). Utilizing rebates from PNM’s "Quicksaver Program" the project will pay for itself in two and a half years. The Town is now saving an estimated $9,766 a year in electrical costs.

While fluorescent lighting has been known to be an efficient source of light, technology is always making good things better. Electronic ballasts, better coatings in the tubes and improved reflectors all add up to a reduction of energy from 20 to 45% over older styles, depending on the fixture and lamp design.

As well as saving money and reducing the Town’s carbon footprint, the new lighting doesn’t have the "flicker" of the old bulbs, has better color rendition, and typically improves worker performance due to the better quality of light.

Amanda Teran Sitting at DeskAmanda Teran enjoying the new lighting in the Town’s Accounting Department