Where is the landfill and what can I take there?

A landfill fee is included in the monthly water/sewer bill. All residents pay this fee whether or not they use the landfill. You may also take garbage to the landfill, which is located approximately three miles south of town at 318 S Ridge Road. All loads hauled to the landfill must be covered and secured. Failure to do so may result in a citation and a fine. 

The only hazardous materials accepted at the landfill are household pesticides, paint, and motor oil. These are not put into the landfill but are stockpiled for safe disposal at another site. Yard waste is accepted for shredding. Scrap metal is accepted but is not land filled. Building materials are also separated. 

If you have other questions about what is accepted at the landfill or need further information please call Southwest Solid Waste Authority at 575-388-8051. Commercial landfill users should also contact Southwest Solid Waste Authority to arrange for landfill use.

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